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Notice on Adjustment of Requirements for HS/HDC QR Code by Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is still severe globally, and the risk of cross-infection through international travel is relatively high. In the meantime, the borders of Trinidad and Tobago still remain closed. The Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago recommends that unless extremely necessary and urgent, international travels should be avoided. In order to avoid the risk of cross-infection via transit flights and to protect the health and safety of people both in China and abroad, starting from the date of this notification, the Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago will adjust the requirements for application for HS /HDC QR Code. The requirements are as follows:

I. Starting from the date of this notification, the Embassy will only accept application for HS/HDC QR Code from passengers who depart from Trinidad and Tobago and will transit only once en route to China. For passengers departing from a third country for China and transiting in Trinidad and Tobago, or departing from Trinidad and Tobago and transiting more than once en route to China, the Embassy will not issue HS/HDC QR Code.

II. The following materials need to be submitted when applying for a HS/HDC QR Code:

i. bio-data page of passport;

ii. both Nucleic Acid test result and IgM Serum Antibody test result issued within 48 hours (two days) by testing institutions designated by the Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago;

iii. proof of appointment of Nucleic Acid test and IgM Serum Antibody test in the transit country;

iv. full itinerary (Trinidad and Tobago-transit country-China);

v. proof of residence in Trinidad and Tobago (short-term visitors to Trinidad and Tobago need to submit copies of Trinidad and Tobago visa and entry stamp, Chinese exit stamp);

vi. Letter of Commitment of COVID-19 Prevention (see attached);

vii. If the applicant has already received the vaccination, please submit the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, fill in and submit Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination(see attached);

If you received the COVID19 vaccine in Trinidad and Tobago, please submit the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis issued by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as COVID19 vaccination certificate. The Immunization Record will NOT be accepted as vaccination certificate. For detailed information on applying International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis please see the news release by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago attached.

viii.Other material deemed necessary.

III. Other important reminders

i. Self-quarantine before the trip. At present, the pandemic has not been controlled completely in Trinidad and Tobago, and COVID-19 variant has been recorded. Passengers bound for China must take measures for personal protection and strict self-quarantine after completing the Nucleic Acid test and IgM Serum Antibody test. In order to reduce the risk, please do not get involved in gathering activities such as dining with or meeting friends and sightseeing, etc.

ii. The duration for reviewing applications. The Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago will examine relevant applications on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Please wait patiently after submitting the application and do not urge the Embassy by any means.

iii. When applying for an HS/HDC QR Code, make sure to fill in the relevant information truthfully, accurately, and completely. Otherwise, the application will be rejected, and any loss caused shall be borne by the applicant.

iv. The applicants, who insist on transiting in Trinidad and Tobago or leaving for a third country for transit while failing to meet the transit requirements, shall take full responsibility for any loss incurred from being unable to go to China.

v. The Chinese Embassy reserves the right to request supplementary documents from any applicants.

vi. For Q&A, please refer to https://hr.cs.mfa.gov.cn/help_two/help-two/hs.html


Thank you for your understanding and support!


Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago

February 23, 2021

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